Gang Prevention


  • Provide honest assessment of gang activity at schools
  • Develop in-service training for staff
  • Implement gang prevention and counseling programs
  • Challenge students to achieve
  • Listen to students, be firm with them, and treat them with respect
  • Cooperate and share information with law enforcement and corrections
  • Set strict rules against gang activity which restrict wearing colors, physical or verbal violence, and defiance toward staff


  • Be aware
  • Don't allow yourself to become a victim / desensitized to gang violence
  • Report suspicious activity to the police
  • Cooperate with police and provide information to help solve gang-related crimes
  • Start and participate in a local Neighborhood Watch group
  • Develop a graffiti abatement or clean-up program
  • Provide activities through recreation departments, churches or other youth organizations
  • See support from local businesses to employ and train people


  • Spend time with your children and listen to them
  • Give them responsibilities and recognize achievements
  • Be a good role model
  • Set fair and consistent rules
  • Know where your children are and who they are with
  • Set curfews and make sure they have not been drinking or using drugs when they come home
  • Do not be afraid to check your children's rooms
  • Involve them in positive activities
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help (counselors, police, etc.)
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