The SFPS Board of Education will hold a town hall on redistricting on Monday, October 17th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in its boardroom, located at 610 Alta Vista. The board invites the community to provide input on the redistricting effort, which seeks to ensure a nearly equal population across the five board districts, account for population shifts due to the 2020 Census and preserve minority voting.

As required by law, redistricting must be completed by December 31st. Redistricting will impact board elections starting in November 2023 and does not involve student attendance in a particular school or school populations.

In June, Research & Polling, Inc. presented new potential maps for each district to the board for its consideration. The video of this meeting is available here or at https://bit.ly/3CMv14e.

The public can also submit comments to Public_forum@sfps.k12.nm.us.

The maps will be discussed at the community town hall, with the board voting in November on the makeup of the five member districts. 

To learn more about redistricting, please visit the board's webpage at https://www.sfps.info/o/sfps/p....